Stampede Murals

Stampede Murals is a partnership between Joy Hernandez and Thomas Washburn. The duo began working together first in 2016, teaming up to create chalk art with friends and family during the Prairie Chicken Arts Festival in Kewanee, Illinois, their hometown.

In 2019, they were asked to restore a set of mural panels honoring veterans at the 40 & 8 campgrounds outside of Annawan, Illinois. These murals had been originally painted (and repainted several times) by Washburn’s  late father, Dave Washburn, a mural staple of nearby Kewanee. It was only fitting for the next generation to take up the mantle.

This has grown into artist best friendship, as well as a business partnership, combining talents to design and create murals mostly in the northwestern Illinois area. Hernandez focuses on design and planning, as well as pictorial execution, while Washburn plays to a strong suit of details, smooth lines, and lettering. The pair has found over the years that their skill sets match up pretty well.

Please click on the tiles to see more images of each mural.

Chalk art, part of the Stampede Murals origin story.